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Roma-Juve: Duel Champion Ball Control vs. Sniper

Roma-Juve: Duel Champion Ball Control vs. Sniper

Roma-Juve: Duel Champion Ball Control vs. Sniper

Roma-Juve: Duel Champion Ball Control vs. Sniper

Roma – The two strongest teams in Serie A this season, Juventus and AS Roma, will play at the Olimpico, Tuesday (03/03/2015) pm dawn. Juve are a team of the most threatening, are Roman king possession. Who wins?

Roma-Juve match mentioned would determine in the race for the Scudetto. Not solely because they are both in the top positions of the standings, but also see the difference there.

Rome is in second position with a value of 48 of the 24 weeks currently nine points behind Juve. Victory so fixed price for children’s capital in order to maintain hunting opportunities Scudetto stays on well. Instead lose will make them increasingly left behind, as well as providing moral injections to his rivals to wade through the rest of the season.

Should the match between the two best teams, the duel later expected to run a tight and fierce. Roma have a stock support supporters, while Juve armed with a better position. Both also has its own character.

Roma who appeared as the host, the best team in control of the ball so far. Whoscored noted they had control of the ball reaches the average percentage of 62.3%, ahead of Juve in second place with 60%. The Giallorossi also the team with the best percentage of accurate feedback with 86.3%, ahead of Juve in second place with 85.1%.

Note this is a bit much, it can be an idea to approach Rome early in the match. Shown as a host and took the victory, foster children Rudi Garcia believed would take the initiative.

I Lupi likely will seek to dominate the game as usual and find a gap in the Juve defense. By playing like this, Rome also has another advantage because it automatically makes the game Juve limited.

While Juve itself is the team’s most threatening opponent’s defense. Whoscored noted they are the team with the highest average of the 17 shot attempts per game. Every game, the team made Massimiliano Allegri recorded six kick on target with an average of 2.12 goals scored per party.

For comparison, the average Rome just fired a shot 14.5 per matches with 4.8 that meet the target. Armed with the advantage in this aspect, ‘The Mistress’ they can be fished out of Rome to attack before then exploit existing loopholes. The larger the space left Francesco Totti et al., The greater the chance for Juve to carry out attacks and opened fire.

So as big encounters, the winner of this game will likely be determined by small details. Rome would be dangerous if it is able to convert control of the ball into real opportunities and goals. On the other hand, they are also going to need to win the battle with Juventus midfielder-midfielder in order to avoid potential exposure through attacks quickly.

While Juve will attempt to resist any pressure and target hosts through a counterattack. Allegri clearly can rely on foster children’s ability to survive considering they are a team that at least conceded so far (13 goals), plus including the most minimal make mistakes as last.

Squawka noted Gianluigi Buffon et al. overall just did four mistakes when last in which only one that led to a goal. It puts them in the top two positions after Torino with three errors last action.

However, do not rule out the possibility of changing the flow of the game instantly. If Roma managed to get an edge, there will be the potential for a change in attitude from both teams. Worth the wait if Rome really going to try to dominate and it played more waiting slit. Who will win?